I've been creating clothing line for my customers all over the world for over 12 years now.I have dedicated my time,energy and inspirations to fulfil my customer dreams of seeing their clothing line come reality.I did enjoy the fact that I was there to help them achieve their fashion dreams.Just like all fashion designer do,I always had this vision of my clothing line in famous fashion shows and fashion trades.The clothing line i wanted to design was not clear in my head since i can design any sort of clothing line.Until one day,I started practicing dancing and zumba and just like magic the idea was final clear and unveiled:-).I knew that I needed to create a dance/fitness wear clothing line.I was tired of the old yoga pants,yoga bras and so on which do not speak up about the dance activity at all.I started brain storming around the clothing line and think about can be a good input to implement and what to avoid.I had the good tools to do to since i was practicing dancing and i was able to identify what someone would need and what would be helpful to make the dance experience more fun and comfy.So I rolled up my sleeves,turned on my MAC and started creating designs for my dream clothing line:-).Now,the clothing line is fully designed and the prototypes are being produced overseas.Next step:Fame and success:-) See u on the runway...Imen